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Facts You Need To Know About Windows 11

The next generation of Windows, Windows 11 interface works quite differently, bringing the best closer. It is well capable to get your task done and increase productivity, with the optimized screen space and easy-to-use tools. A wide variety of bugs have been fixed and tons of many features have come to light. A new taskbar, new design for the start menu, many refreshed widgets and icons, redesigned UI with an updated Microsoft store. Windows 11 makes you celebrate the holiday in many different moods with different new wallpaper creating a virtual desktop.

 Free upgrade 

Many of the UI elements have taken a modern look rather than on the Windows 10X, which was not retail at any computer shop in Dubai. In the case of the new and latest, Windows 11, can be installed on any PC without any technical reasons and will be a free upgrade. Windows 10 PC with the right hardware is eligible for an upgrade from an ISO file, a force update.


 You can make your Windows 11 look like the previous one, Windows 10, to make it compatible with your work habit. Change the start menu, resize the taskbar, get the same file explorer in Windows 10, move the taskbar to the top, and so many others. 

Minimum Requirements

 Windows 11 goes hand in hand with the minimum requirements of computer accessories in UAE, allowing a free upgrade from the version before it. The minimum system requirements include CPU, 4GB RAM, 64 GB storage, UEFI BIOS with secure boot, graphics compatible with WDDM 2.0 driver, high-definition display, internet connectivity, and 8-bit color panel; that is, the life becomes better, and a Microsoft 365 subscription can get your tasks done at any cost. This became much more than the Windows 10 specifications, always requiring an internet connection, to carry out the initiations and also for most of the updates and to take advantage of some features. The new build for you allows the Windows media player to roll out to Windows insiders. All the new Windows 11 PCs come with a Windows precision touchpad and Bluetooth LE connectivity for non-desktops.

 CPU Concern 

CPU older than Intel 8th Gen Core or AMD Ryzen 2000 series CPU may not be supportive for the new Windows 11, but there is a way around it in an 'unsupported state'. Rather than going with the Windows update, go for ISO file install and get a way to work with a dual-core, 64-bit processor, 64GB of storage, and TPM 1.2. You can also refocus your workflow and work seamlessly with the new Office, Edge, and Teams through the multi-tasking tools. A lot of features of Windows 10x have been folded into the new version, Windows 11. It would be a better companion for game lovers, holding graphics that rival reality with aut o H D R, playing the way you love with the new peripherals at the computer shop, Dubai

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