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The Ultimate Guide to Buy a Laptop Online in Dubai

Buying a laptop online is a difficult task. Finding the perfect laptop is a big task. Laptops and notebooks are the fastest-selling products in the UAE. Most of the online retailers always promote the best laptops and offer discounts and deals. The laptops are in many form-factors, features, and prices. The user to choose the right laptop store Dubai depends upon their needs. That is perfectly fitting for the user in their budget. The things that are taken to find the right laptop:
Things to take into consideration
● Operating System
● Size and Form
● Graphics Card
● Ram
● Storage
● Ports

Operating System
The operating system is the most important part of a computer system. Before going through the technical aspects of the laptop, you should check out which operating system works the best and which software mainly runs on the laptop. And which Operating system runs most effectively and efficiently. And which hardware it will support and all. The two main Operating Systems are Windows and Mac OS. They both have their own merits and demerits.
Windows - Most of the laptops are running with Windows OS. It is very good for Microsoft applications. Windows is more user-friendly than Mac OS.
Mac OS - This is compatible with Apple Laptops and Notebooks. It is more beginner-friendly. The best quality is it is good for video editing and graphic design.

Size and Form
Most of the laptops are 11.6 inches up to 17.3 inches. It depends upon the priorities and usage. If you have the most priority of carrying a laptop, then you should choose windows laptops. It is very lighter and smaller. If you are looking to buy laptop online Dubai for editing videos, playing games, etc, then you should choose 15.6-inch laptops. Other than the screen size, the main laptops are Ultrabooks, Notebooks, Gaming laptops.

CPU is the central processing unit. The main two CPU manufacturers are Intel and AMD. Intel Core processors come with many cores and threads. It is very good for multitasking. AMD is also a good option. It is worth money.

Graphics Card
All the laptops come with graphics cards. But the majority of the laptops have integrated graphics. It is attached to the motherboard with the CPU. Integrated graphics are good for day-to-day tasks. It is for watching HD movies, playing games, etc. If you are looking for quality video editing and gaming, you should select a laptop with a discrete graphics card. Discrete graphics cards are stronger cards that are made up of Nvidia and AMD.

RAM is called Random Access Memory. A laptop with higher RAM means it is easier to get results and enables faster computing. Higher RAM results in computing becoming faster and processing speed is high. 8GB RAM is sufficient for a normal user. Upgrading to 16GB helps to improve the processing speed. For gaming and editing, 16GB RAM is enough. If you are looking for high gaming and editing, then you should choose 32GN RAM to 64GB RAM.

Internal storage is where all the programs and processes are installed on the computer. All the data like documents, images, videos are stored there, Laptops have HDD(Hard Disk Drive).
HDD (Hard Disk Drives): It is the most common type of storage because they are inexpensive and they have huge capacities. They also add laptop weight. Thickness and heat and noise are produced. Their range is 500GB to 3TB.
SSD (Solid-State Drives): It is also called SSDs. It is faster than a HDD. But it has less capacity and is very expensive. SSD has advantages like size, weight, power capacity, etc.

Ports are connected to TV, cameras, and other devices. Ports are the things we need to connect external devices. Thunderbolt, HDMI, USB, Lightning, and Memory Card Slot are the main ports.
These are the main things you should remember before buying a laptop online in UAE. Laptop has so many features in consideration before selection. It depends upon the user’s needs and requirements.

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