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Things To Keep in Mind - Before Giving Laptop For Repair!


There are situations when it may be required to send your laptop to a computer technician at a laptop store, Dubai; for repair for which you will need to take some precautions.


Laptops are almost required everywhere from work to personal use and the same often requires services. The common issues associated with the laptops include the low battery performance, laptop turning off for no reason, the system tends to work slowly, the laptop getting heated within a short period of usage and issues regarding Bluetooth and wifi.


The situation needs expert attention that helps with laptop repair service. This article clearly explains what to do before sending a computer for repair.


Backup of all confidential data

When you are taking the system to repair and it is not an issue regarding the data, the repair process may cause a data loss. Data as a whole is your responsibility and not the concern of the technician. So, whatever the issue with your laptop, make sure that you backed up all data safe before handing over the laptop to the repair shop.


Keep Your Login Password a Secret Always

Most computer technicians take your device for repairs together with your login password, is it really necessary for repair? The answer is no, he can simply boot to your login screen for testing purposes, and if the online computer store, Dubai insists on the password, create a local account login password or else simply disable the password requirement for this account.


Social Media Accounts

If you are a social media fan checking your accounts from your laptop but don’t forget to log out of the accounts and keep your passwords safe somewhere so that you don't have to deal with forget password issues next time when you log in.


 Remove all personal data

All the downloaded photos and personal data are to be removed from your laptop and delete all the files and folders that contain important details. If deleting is painful, lock them using a file encryption program to encrypt passwords.


Mention not to format

In most cases, there comes no need to format and wipe out everything. So mention the fact to keep your operating system and software the same and tell them to inform you if any issues they detect need formatting. 


Secondary Hard Drive

Buy, laptop online, UAE and your data may get stored in both the operating system as well as the hard drive. Transfer your important files to the hard drive and remove them before giving the system for repair. This strategy may help you save your data when the system needs formatting. First talk to the technician regarding the issue and then ask him straight if the system requires formatting and plan accordingly.


Uninstall Sensitive Software

Uninstall the software if possible, no matter whether it is sensitive or not. Safety is our main concern and at some stage, we don't know where the computer shop Dubai can extract your personal data.  

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