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Things to keep in mind while buying a laptop


On buying new laptop accessories in Dubai, then all of its features and specifications are to be cross-checked, but it seems to be very difficult to know which laptop is the best. The best differs on people and every person has different needs for which they opt to buy a new laptop.


Purchasing a laptop has to note different sets of specifications, features, size, design and price, where all these exclusively depend on what your requirements are and so goes the decision of which one to buy.


Buying a laptop has become more complex nowadays and there are many different companies in the market to go with. You have a huge variety of options to choose from in the market and there are branded products and out of these which one is right for you matches your different set of requirements.


You cannot just buy the product the store is asking you to. Before purchasing a laptop you need to know the pros and cons of the same and need to have complete technical research. Read more to know the things you must keep in mind before buying a laptop so you can make the right decision.


Budget - the primary concern

If you are buying any laptop, then it should be within the price range of the budget you have kept for buying the laptop. It is crucial to fix a budget showcasing your need within a price bracket and there are a number of options available from multiple brands, so your budget doesn’t limit your power to choose.


The screen

Buy a laptop that gives you the best resolution, panel type and size. An IPS display is possibly available if you are ready to spend an amount above Rs 40,000. To speak about the resolutions available at the laptop store; Dubai, the higher-resolution screen would render the best experience for the user and the smaller size is likely to render the feature-like portability too.




As you all know, the CPU is the main part of a laptop and if you want to multitask on your laptop then you should own a powerful processor. On the other hand, a low-power CPU will end up hanging every time when multiple tasks are carried out upon it. A laptop with a high processor capacity is a better option to give great performance and make your work easier.



The better RAM capacity ensures smooth multitasking. The smallest possible smooth functioning RAM capacity would be 4/8GB and for intermediate usage stick with 8GB of RAM. The RAM size can be pushed to cope with truly heavy usage of the computer that is even to 16GB also.



Weight matters when you are considering portability too.

The portability feature would lend you a high convenience, so go for something that is lighter that is with a screen size of 14 inches or less.


Hard Disk Drive / SSD

The hard disk drive or the SSD size truly depends on the stuff you will have to store. The small size is 320 GB of space and to store more you have 500 GB. The current trending mode in the online computer store; Dubai, is SSD which renders less weight to the laptop making it easier to carry out and handle.  

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