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How PC gaming continues to dominate against the PS5 and Xbox series X

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PC gaming has long reigned the champion of gamers everywhere, they have been the preferred system to own because of the raw power they hold over consoles. For gamers, PCs can be built easily. They also serve a wide range of needs as compared to consoles.

While the midrange gaming PCs cost twice as much as a video game console, the benefits are many. It has faster load times, better graphics and access to a variety of storefronts. Any extra money spent on a PC would be repaid by a stream of sales on every game, big and small.

Now, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X out in the market, the performance gap seems to have shrunk down to almost negligible sizes. So the question is whether PC gaming can continue to dominate in modern times. The xbox series x does not have the delayed Halo Infinite but the hardware is excellent and the load times are much shorter than on existing consoles, almost catching up with the PCs.

As technology becomes better, the focus of gaming also changes. Games today are made with more of a console mindset, and as opposed to spending thousands for a PC setup, the average gamer prefers something they can play from a couch, on their huge screen.

The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X are the latest offerings from Sony and Microsoft. These consoles are the most powerful systems that Sony and Microsoft have created to date, and they are designed for modern gaming needs. Many of the parts that make up these systems are excellent. However, one needs to note that while they deliver lots of power, they do not compare to some of the best gaming PCs.

If you want fast loading SSDs, gorgeous ray tracing, massive quantities of RAM, 4K resolution and 60+fps frame rate, all you need to do is check out the best gaming PCs. And, unlike a console, you can upgrade PCs as better components become available

With the new systems in the market finally, how do they compare against PC gaming? The answer, unsurprisingly, is that PC gaming still has a lot of advantages. Purpose – Even though they are popular, a console still only can play games. One might be able to stream from them or love watching Amazon Prime, but the best use for a console will always be for gaming. PCs, in comparison, offer a lot more.

Repairability – Thanks to its customizable nature, repairing a gaming PC is a lot simpler. Damaged components can easily be exchanged for another in the same line, and one would still have the same exceptional performance. They can also be individually fixed without much difficulty.

Customization- PC gaming does not stick to regular architecture. One has a variety of components to choose from, when one builds a gaming PC. CPUs can be Intel- or AMD-based. GPUs can come from ATI or Nvidia. Storage can be configured in multiple different ways. RAM can be chosen in a number of configurations and sizes. Even the casing can be one’s own special mix. There are so many variables that go into building a gaming PC that you’ll have an infinite number of possibilities.

This has been one of the strongest selling points of PC gaming. Getting a system that is designed exactly as you want it is a benefit that really helps out. One can adjust their build according to one’s budget or requirements, and still come out with a great system. It’s one of the many reasons why gamers still prefer having a PC instead of a console. Upgradability – With PCs, one can buy components later down the line and add them to one’s system. Consoles have few options in terms of upgrades, and so the upgradability of gaming PCs makes it much more preferable.

Services- Moving towards the software side of things, the PC platform has a lot more to offer for gaming. Many services like Steam and GOG offer great titles at cheaper prices for PC gaming, and it hardly costs anything to enjoy your favorite games.

Scalability – The hardware of the PS5 and Series X is truly spectacular. It does so many great things with its internals, and exclusive titles really make full use of it. However, PC components continue to have generational advancements at a much faster rate. Even if PCs barely manage to eke out consoles today, new technologies are introduced much faster to the PC space. This means that in a few years’ time, we’ll have much more advanced hardware powering our systems.

To conclude – while most of this sounds like an argument for the PC, the truth cannot be denied. Getting progressively more powerful with the years, Console gaming has come an unbelievably long way. However, across the world, the power and utility of computers make PC gaming the most preferred choice for millions of gamers.

For the starting price, Consoles certainly do cost less. Being able to play the latest games and exclusives is very uncomplicated and effortless. Despite this, PCs offer an endless degree of customization and work excellently for play as well as work. Having a bottomless purse definitely helps if you are a PC gamer, but even on modest systems, you are able to experience many of the advantages that are provided by PC gaming. Playing on console-level parity is only going to get much more economical, as time goes by.

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