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How to Evaluate Whether a Computer Warranty is Good

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So you think computer warranties aren’t worth the extra cost?. Given the cost of a premium new machine, generally it is thought that the chance of something going wrong is low. But the sad truth is that every computer fails eventually, almost always at the least convenient moment. This is why computer warranties are important and we recommend them for our clients. Let us have a look at the value that a warranty provides and why warranty is a wise idea.

What Is a Warranty?

A warranty is essentially a guarantee that a product manufacturer will repair or replace defective goods if found defective within a certain period of time. This is common with new vehicles, appliances, and many other items. If a component dies prematurely, you usually do not have to shell out the money for the repair.

Most computers come with a limited hardware warranty that offers to replace components or the entire device. These typically last anywhere from 90 days to one year.

What Your Warranty Should Cover

The inevitable truth with technology is that it cannot last forever, but since you spend a lot of money on a desktop or a laptop, you would want to get the most out of your device. The best way to ensure that you get maximum value is with a good warranty. Before you buy, check the warranty and see if it includes these three essential things.

Parts and Service

This can be confusing. In a warranty you might see a lot of fine print on what parts are covered, how long that coverage extends, and what voids the warranty. Most computers will have something that breaks, check if you can take it back to the place where you bought it and redeem that warranty when you need it. Also, check your warranty for:

  • What is included – does it exclude significant parts of the computer, or is there a limit to what you can get repaired? Does it cover only certain pieces inside the machine?
  • How long does it last – 6 months? One year? If it is not a lifetime warranty, you are missing out, because PC Laptops offer a lifetime parts and service warranty on every desktop computer in general. Some stores will offer longer warranties (although most won’t do it for life), but you have to pay extra to get that protection.

Maintenance is important because eEven the best machines have components that wear out. Manufacturers have specific recommendations for what kind of maintenance you should get and at what intervals. If your warranty doesn’t cover maintenance, it could cost you dearly.

Technical Support and Assistance

Not all people are computer geeks, and most need help with a new computer. Technical support and assistance are often included in the warranty.

Other Reasons Warranty is Leading the Way

In addition to the comprehensive nature of the warranty, all the things it covers, and how long it lasts, you won’t have to sort through confusing language about retailer versus manufacturer warranties.

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