Kingston 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Non ECC Memory RAM DIMM | KVR24N17S8/8

SKU: KVR24N17S8/8


  • Kingston Memory KVR24N17S8/8 8GB
  • DDR4 2400 Unbuffered Retail
  • PC4 19200 Dimm

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Kingston KVR24N17S8/8 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Non ECC Memory RAM DIMM

Adding additional Kingston KVR24N17S8/8 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Non ECC Memory RAM DIMM modules will allow you to run more programs or processes at once or more memory intensive programs such as opening more browser tabs, more programs from your hard drive etc etc. There may be a performance increase if the original amount of memory installed was close to insufficient for the programs and processes you use the computer for.

dimm installation When determining how many Kingston KVR24N17S8/8 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz Non ECC Memory RAM DIMM modules you may require for an upgrade, consider three things: the optimum memory configuration of your operating system, your usage patterns and your hardware. You should also check the requirements of individual programs to make sure that you’ll be able to run the required software.

For more than two decades, Kingston has designed and manufactured memory customised to specific systems or classes of systems. Kingston is dedicated to providing memory solutions that work the first time, every time and for a lifetime, and guarantees the compatibility of its system-specific memory,

Manufactured by Kingston

Kingston’s core competency lies in our engineering expertise, which allows us to design, manufacture and deliver top-quality products to our customers. When Kingston designs a new memory module for a newly released system, Kingston engineers test several brands of chips on the new module design. This testing allows us to determine which brands of chips provide the best performance. Kingston uses a controlled bill of materials for our system-specific module designs to deliver the best performance for your system.








SKU KVR24N17S8/8
EAN/UPC Code 740617259643
Product Condition New
Memory Capacity 8GB
Model/Series/Type ValueRAM
Brand Kingston
CASLatency CL17
Chip Organization x8
Data Width X64
Form Factor DDR4
Memory Depth 2G
Memory Voltage 1.2v
Module Type DIMM
Operating Temperature 0°C to 85°C
Pins 288 Pin
Product Type/Family RAM
RAM Memory Type Non-ECC
Rank 1R (Single Rank)
Speed 2400MHz (PC4-19200)

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