sku: EW800ST

  • Color: White
  • Video conferencing Wireless projection
  • Wireless Projection with Any Device
  • Built-in Web Browser
  • BenQ Smart Control

EW800ST comes embedded with TeamViewer Meeting video conferencing software that makes remote meetings straightforward and thrifty. As long as a camera is available, users can enjoy remote meetings on a large screen that makes it possible to see all participants and meeting materials clearly – an experience no other device can offer. Watch Demo Video View DVY21 camera Cloud service enables personal file access without a laptop AMS integrates most popular cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox) in one convenient interface AMS (Account Management Service) can sync with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. With just one AMS account, you can manage all your data and materials. AMS is embedded in EW800ST, offering direct access to the cloud without need for a laptop. Furthermore, EW800ST comes with WPS software that lets users open and edit Microsoft Office files. *Wireless mouse and keybord may bring better user experience Intuitive driver-free wireless projection Just connect and project BenQ wireless projection offers a unique advantage over competitors, letting users mirror the screens of devices connected to the same network as the projector. This feature supports many OSes and device types. It is also compatible to connect the mobile devices which meet WPA2 standard, guaranteeing information security by safeguarding against data theft during data transmission. X-Sign Broadcast for instant announcements without Interruptions Customizable centrally controlled digital message broadcasting X-Sign Broadcast can send customized messages from laptops, desktops, and smart devices to a designated projector, ensuring all meeting participants can see important reminders. X-Sign Broadcast also lets personnel schedule messages in advance as needed. Learn How to Use BenQ Smart Projector for Business

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