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Why you need a curved monitor

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Curved monitors are relatively new technology, but they are quickly overtaking flat monitors among discerning users. Why make the upgrade? Including better field of view and reduced eyes strain, there are a number of advantages to curved monitors specific to their design.

  • Less Reflections – Curved screens can catch more reflections, and this can distort the on-screen image more than a flat screen. Actually, both curved and flat monitors have this same problem, but they react differently
  • The position of the curved monitor puts it ahead of flat screens. A curved monitor can help you avoid those distracting reflections with its ability to distort glare, if one is in a room with a light source, a nearby window or a mirror. If one’s curved monitor is wrong, one will end up with the bright spot being amplified, which can be really irritating. Strategically placed monitors can help workers get the best of the natural light in their office or home while avoiding the pain points that go with it.
  • A much more comfortable up-close viewing experience – For those who enjoy a more close-up experience, A curved monitor is perfect. You will find a curved monitor increases your gaming, working, and viewing pleasure, if you’re a constant gamer, a desk-bound worker or a movie buff.
  • Curved Monitors cover a wider field of view – The idea is that one will be able to take everything in without much ocular exertion, since a curved screen directs light from all angles towards the viewer’s eye. So, curved monitors will thus feel bigger, if one’s eyes are more easily covering a larger field of view, as compared to flat screens.
  • Curved Monitors Removes Distortion – The physics of light projection is what the difference between curved and flat screen distortion comes down to. Flat screens blast their images in a straight line, both at the viewers and past their sides, in simple words. On the other hand, Curved screens take advantage of their shape, and aim everything at the viewer, thus limiting distortion.
  • Curved Monitors are Immersive – They take advantage of all three dimensions – length, width and height. Further, they expand on peripheral vision.

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